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Go Old School

Our Friendly staff will organize a fun and exciting live auction on site or at one of OSA's partner sites depending on the location and volume of product you have to offer.

contact us todayto discuss our options.  

Go Millennial

Take your auction online! 

We find some items such as coins, paper banknotes, sports and vintage toy collectibles, pop bottles, oil cans. kitchen utensils to name a few yield our sellers better return when offered to the millions of customers on the world wide web.

Contact us todayto turn the old collection into cash! 

Inventory buyout

Depending what you have to sell we will offer you a fair market purchase payout. 

Give us a call before you throw it away!

Often times when we meet with a potential seller we find ourselves "trash picking" to get our seller that extra dollar. We see the buying trends, one mans junk is another mans treasure is a very true statement! 

Give OSA a call before you toss anything.

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